Guy Mariano (20 years Blind)



It’s been 20 years since my favorite skateboard video of all time was made.

You know the one. The one they watched in the movie Kids.
The one that made me appreciate obscure music.
The one that started Spike Jonze’s directing career by killing off the entire cast in a drunken teenage car crash.

You know the one with Mark Gonzales in it.

You gotta know by now that I’m really into Mark Gonzales and when it comes to skateboarding, or art, or miss spelled poems, short films, or even quotables, in my book, the Gonz is cooler than anyone out there, even Jesus.

Sure, I do think the fact that Jesus turning water to wine would make the party that much cooler, but Jesus didn’t have a gap named after him in San Fransisco.

Have you ever heard anyone ever say, “I saw Jeremy Wray frontside half cab the Jesus gap?”


I, however not only saw the Gonz gap in person, I also saw Jeremy Wray frontside halfcab it.


Here’s what I’m getting at, and believe me, if you’re not a skateboarder who knows exactly who Austyn Gillette is, or think the word backside is reserved for ladies facebook photos, perhaps you’re just now realizing this blog post isn’t for you.

But if you do skate, watch PART THREE of this video and marvel as Guy Mariano talks about any sane skaters, favorite skater.

You see, here’s not only my point, but also where Austyn Gillette fits into the story.

In the video, at around 11:50, Guy Mariano, while talking about his favorite Gonz tricks, mentions a line Austyn Gillette does in the Habitat Video.

The line is a frontside 180 fakie 50 50 grind the Hard way. Switch backside 180 and then a backside 180 fakie 50 50 the hard way.

Of course by “hard way” I mean all the way around and over the bench. Start frontside, then frontside 180 all the way around to fakie 50 50, then grind, come off and proceed directly to go and collect 500 dollars.

Here’s the fuckin irony for fucks sake. That line of Austyn Gillette’s was filmed in Berlin and yes, you guessed it, I was there to witness it in person, and let me tell you something, it was the sickest line I’ve ever seen in my life.

The point I’m making is this. Funny that Guy Mariano himself saw it exactly the same as I did, because when Austin landed the line, I was standing right were he stopped and all I could say was,

“Damn, Nice ode to the Gonz man.”

No disrespect to Austin, because I meant what I said to him. Nothing says, “I know skateboarding” better than doing the right tricks and doing them fast. It was a sick line.

But until you’ve done something NO ONE has EVER done before, you’re just a follower like the rest of us.

Just remember kids, if you’re gonna imitate, imitate the best.

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