*Trick or Treat*

And of course it was full of that!

Spent the Halloween weekend in my good old hometown Barci… an overwhelming mixture of extreme hapiness and sadness at the same time… you dont notice how much you miss a place that feels so familiar and like home to you, till you are actually back on track, doing the same things you used to do back then, meeting your best friends, eatin torilla + pan con tomate in the sun, and all those small details one forgets when gone….

Berlin is really good to me, im always happy to come back to my third home… But damn! Walking around in tshirt, shorts and sandals in the southern city, is just pain when you are back to rainy days and grey skies…

Barcelona, mi amor, Im always Yours.


3 thoughts on “*Trick or Treat*

  1. Sarah

    Oh nice :) !

    Sag mal, hast du ein paar gute ausgehtips für Barcelona? Bars oder Clubs?

  2. M³- Bloggabitchin* Post author

    @ Sarah: Betty Ford ist die Stammbar… War auch im Boulevard (ehemaliges Fellini)… ist ganz cool am Freitag… HipHop&ElectroBeats… ENJOY!

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