portfolio show: illustratorin yeti yeji yun

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I draw and collage. I create illustrations from imagination, collected memories and feelings in times. For me, It feels like writing poem with images, and it’s my favorite language to communicate with others. ‚Memory is the space of time‘ is the main theme which could penetrate my art world. I like vintage and analogue, I do use computer technology but I always wrap my works up in hand made looking for final. I want to make images that can be loved. When people want to have my work with them, I feel really happy.


I finished BA graphic design at Hong-ik University (S. Korea) 2002-2007, and also studied illustration at MICA( US ) as an exchange student in 2006. I’ve been working as a illustrator before graduate University and have been continuing working as freelance since then, not having any other jobs in between which is quite lucky.
Since August 2008 I have moved and finished MA illustration at Kingston University(2008-2009) in London. Now I stay and work in here. In these days I’m looking for new clients and an agency in UK, so doing lots of portfolio meetings while working some zine , magazine projects here and also keeping works from previous clients back in Korea.


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